The Importance of Running Windows Check Disk For the Backup

Running Windows Check Disk is an important tool to run on your backed up servers and or workstations. Running this service can determine if there are errors on your server(s) which could cause data corruption. This could also be a warning that the server hard drives could be close to failing (see the links to references below for further explanation). Without implementing Windows check disk as a routine service, you run the following risks for your backup:

  • There is a chance your backed up server may be too slow to recover. This may leave file level recovery (as of the date of the last backup) as the only recovery option which can be very slow to recover (data size would become a variable). Your practice could be interrupted for several days if not longer.
  • Worst case scenario – The backed up data may not be recoverable if the corruption on the drive(s) is too widespread. This is very unlikely but it is possible.

Implementing Windows Check Disk and Collaborating with DDS Rescue for the Best Results and Performance of Your Backup

Running Check Disk on the server(s) is a best practice for Professional IT Providers. It is highly recommended to have an IT provider follow these steps to run Check Disk ASAP:

  1. There are risks with running a check disk. Verify there is at least a current file level backup in place for the critical files (Practice Management Database, and other critical files)
  2. Run the Windows Check Disk process (chkdsk /r) as administrator on all drives on your server(s). This process can take several hours and should be done after hours as the server will not be accessible while running. 
  3. Note and repair the disk errors if applicable
  4. Send DDS Rescue the results of the check disk (results.txt) or pull the information from the Windows log file to help us troubleshoot the issue
  5. DDS Rescue will perform additional testing to verify the disk errors have been fixed and the backups are functioning normally again
  6. Consult with the IT provider to set Windows Check Disk to automatically run on a routine schedule. Most IT providers run this process on a schedule (weekly, monthly, etc.) as a best practice. 


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