Our Ransomware Guarantee*

If you are using all our security services and get hit with ransomware, we will pay you $1,000.

How can you protect your practice from malware or ransomware cyber attacks, which could lead to an expensive, time-consuming HIPAA breach that has the potential of closing down your business? Let DDS Rescue manage your security needs and your HIPAA compliance and training.


Security Packages



Enterprise-Level Firewall Security Management

A business-class firewall is an important part of any office network. This is a virtual barrier that protects your computers from outside attacks and prevents unauthorized access from external threat actors seeking to compromise your data. By utilizing and customizing your firewall’s Content Filtering Service (CFS), we can help ensure that the data passing through the firewall has been vetted and deemed safe for network access. Our Enterprise-Level Firewall Security Management service includes a security subscription that provides ongoing updates to address the most recent security threats.


Enterprise-Level End-Point Protection

You may have heard of AntiVirus software. This was the traditional form of protection that we would have installed on our computers to help protect against viruses. In more recent times, the threat arena has expanded so much that this method of protection is not sufficient. With the latest Endpoint Protection we can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) engines to study user, computer and network behavior to create a custom specific security plan for your network.


Professionally Managed Windows Updates

A majority of the Windows-issued updates are related to security. How do you know that you have correctly installed these critical updates on all your computers and servers? Leave it to us! Our service manages all of the Windows updates for your practice to make sure the software patches are safely installed. They should be run at least once a month as hackers are known to take advantage of Windows networks where their security updates have not been run in a timely manner.  


Domain Management

One way to improve your security is to have DDS Rescue handle your domain management. This service addresses a number of network challenges including managing user accounts, controlling permissions, controlling all computers from a central location, deploying group policies and utilizing logon scripts. We can also help with your local DNS server, allow you to efficiently deploy software to the whole network rather than manually and ensure that computers not on the domain cannot get access to your secure data. DDS Rescue can also manage your roaming profiles, so if you have users that log onto multiple computers, they can utilize roaming profiles to take their desktop, documents, downloads and more along with them. 


Staff Training & Dark Web Notifications


Enterprise-Level HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance and training is included with both our Security Advantage packages. Our full HIPAA Training and Compliance Program has been designed with the needs of the dental office in mind and is backed by the most knowledgeable people in the industry. DDS Rescue specializes in working with dental offices and delivering policies and processes to ensure that you are operating within HIPAA guidelines.


Quarterly Hardware Report

This report contains a list of all current devices on your network and the estimated age of each device to help determine if any replacements or upgrades are needed.


Dental Software & Dental Devices

Ask us about support for practice management and imaging software as well as cameras and sensors. 

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