DDS Rescue® provides HIPAA-compliant backup and data recovery services complete with an on-site business-class backup server, as well as a cloud-based backup. With our dental-specific backup and recovery service, we automatically create a backup of all your important data and programs and store the files in a failover server at your office, as well as online in the cloud. We can restore your data in minutes and recover deleted files and corrupt databases immediately. We make sure your data never leaves your practice unencrypted, which protects you from the risk of HIPAA fines.


DDS Rescue® Standard

  • Recovery in 60 minutes or less
  • Onsite backup every hour to the DDS Rescue business-class backup server
  • Offsite backup and recovery - 1 location
  • Daily validation of backups
  • Ransomware scan every hour
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • HIPAA compliance program including staff training (annual)
  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (annual)

As low as $269 per month

One-time $499 integration fee

$1,000 Backup Guarantee*

If we can’t get your backup up and running in less than 1 hour, we will pay you $1,000

*Reference pricing page for requirements.

BDR vs File-Level Backup

A good backup for dental offices is a must. They are the only thing that can save you from a failed hard drive, a corrupt OS, a mistaken file deletion, or a ransomware attack.

It is recommended to have a BDR backup system in place if you are running a dental practice and host the data locally. File level backups such as Carbonite, Backblaze, and many others only backup the files from the computer to an external hard drive and in some cases an offsite cloud. A BDR backup backs up the entire server and provides you with an onsite server to run the practice in the event of an emergency.


To summarize

  • BDR backups can completely recover your data and network in 60 minutes or less. File level backups can take over a week
  • DDS Rescue does a verification backup daily. File level backup is impossible to validate without doing an in depth recovery which causes a substantial interruption to the client network which is why they aren’t performed
  • DDS Rescue has experienced many dental networks that do not have a backup in place at all!
  • DDS Rescue monitors the client backups 24/7. Most file level backups are not monitored
  • DDS Rescue offers a $1,000 guarantee if we can’t get your network up and running in less than an hour!*

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