Our THREE $1,000 Guarantees*


If we can’t get your data recovered from the DDS Rescue device in less than one hour, we’ll pay you $1,000.


If you are using all our security services and get hit with ransomware, we will pay you $1,000.

HIPAA Violation

If you are part of our HIPAA compliance program and get hit with a HIPAA violation, we will give you $1,000 toward our on-staff HIPAA attorney.

Backup & Recovery Services

DDS Rescue® Standard

Prices vary based on data size:

Up to 1000GB (4TB Machine)


1001GB to 2000GB (4TB Machine)


2001GB to 3000GB (4TB Machine)


3001GB to 4000GB (4TB Machine)


One-time $499 integration fee.

DDS Rescue® Elite

Hardware purchase required. Please call for pricing

Security Services

HIPAA Training and Compliance

HIPAA Training and Compliance Services


(Compare to $1,200/yearly for many business-class HIPAA consulting and compliance from companies)

Consulting Services

Prices start at

$199 per hour

Email Management (hosting with encryption)

$10/month per user
5-user minimum

Domain Creation and Installation (server)

Call for pricing

Configuring and Joining Workstations to Domain

Call for pricing

*Details, Exclusions & Additional Requirements

International customers will be responsible for any applicable GST charges.

Security Services

Security Advantage Baseline Services

Requirements: Business-class firewall with active subscription, supported operating systems, backup and data recovery device, and active software support. Not recommended for offices with more than 5 computers

Security Advantage Plus

Requirements: Business-class firewall, supported operating systems, professionally installed domain, backup and data recovery device and active software support.

Services and Devices NOT Supported

Practice Management Software (Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Carestream, Open Dental, etc.)

Details: It is recommended to get support from the vendor

Dental Sensors (Dexis, Patterson Image, Schick, Sidexis, Romexis, Carestream, Gendex, etc.)

Details: It is recommended to get support from the vendor

Intraoral cameras

Details: It is recommended to get support from the vendor

Any server with outstanding technical issue

USB printers

Details: USB printers are not recommended for use in a dental network

Unsupported OS (Windows XP, 7, Server 2008, etc.)

Details: It is not recommended to operate an out-of-date OS. This is a security risk

Hardware older than 5 years (Servers or workstations)

Details: It is not recommended to support hardware more than 5 years old. It is a data risk and not a good investment

Additional Requirements for $1,000 Guarantee

Must have a DDS Rescue backup and data recovery device. Must have all of the services outlined in the Security Advantage Plus package, along with our hosted email. Must be up to date with annual training requirements. Ransomware cannot have been triggered by any outside email account.

Backup Guarantee Restrictions

DDS Rescue will not perform a failover without the approval of client IT unless client approves in writing to move forward with the failover without the approval of the IT Provider. The client must have all recommended Windows updates installed and properly supported by an IT professional, a business class server (Dell or HP) with at least RAID 1, a physical RAID controller, is plugged into a properly functioning business class battery backup, and the server is no more than 6 years old. The Operating System of the Server must be a supported and NON CORRUPT Server Operating System (Server 2019, etc.). The client must not have any outstanding DDS Rescue notifications that have not been addressed by the client. The client must also have a business class firewall, email (microsoft, gmail, or zoho), and antivirus. The client must have had annual HIPAA training in the last year with DDS Rescue. Any software registration or support issues or anything unrelated to recovery time other than the server including awaiting the client IT provider approval are not included in the time calculated for the guarantee. Mass power outages due to acts of God that cause server failure are not covered under the backup guarantee.