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HIPAA Compliance

A Proper Risk Assessment for your Dental Office is a HIPAA requirement and needs to be run every 12 months.


At DDS We make that easy for you:


  1. The assessment is performed remotely so there are no office interruptions.
  2. We assess all areas of your Dental Office’s network where risks of breaches exist.
  3. At completion a full report and action plan for physical and technology risk management will be provided and reviewed


No. By hiring a HIPAA compliant IT provider you are assured that their actions will follow the HIPAA requirements, however that does not transfer to your office.  Each entity needs to make sure that all aspects of the office are HIPAA compliant.

No.  The DDS Rescue HIPAA risk assessment runs in the background and will not interfere with your office’s workflow.

Yes, a properly run HIPAA risk assessment is required of all entities and must be run at least every 12 months.

Regrettably no. A proper risk assessment requires a deep dive into your network to check for any and all possible areas that security is lacking and provides a detailed report of where action is required to correct any deficiencies.

Yes, it is a HIPAA requirement to have a recent copy of your patients Protected Health Information (PHI) both in your office as well as safely stored offsite, usually in the cloud.

All office members are required to have HIPAA training every 12 months.

Yes.  The HIPAA Privacy rules are very clear on this.  If a patient requests a copy of or to review their patient record set you must comply with the request,  even if they have not yet paid for the treatment.